Creative Team

The package deal: Senior Social Media Strategy, Concept, Text & Art 

Working together since 2016, Lisa Geiger and Rike Stahlberg are a content production powerhouse. They support agencies and companies in pitches and projects, mainly for social media and content marketing. 

The digital nomad team is remote based, working from Germany and the road. Lisa works from Florida, USA, and Rike works from her bus traveling around Europe.


Lisa is a freelance senior creative strategist with social media concept and copywriting skills in both German and English. She started in journalism but switched to advertising in 2013. Lisa worked for agencies like C3, TLGG and Leo Burnett in Berlin and Frankfurt, then continued her freelance work from Florida, USA.


Rike is a freelance senior art director, trained in print, digital and social media design. She works in advertising since 2011 for agencies like Legas Delaney, Lukas Lindemann Rosinski and TLGG in Hamburg and Berlin, now freelance from all over Europe.