Social Media & Digital Marketing Consulting


I’m a strategist, consultant and concept creative for digital storytelling – which means I have ideas for a living.

I mainly work with advertising agencies specialized in social media and content marketing. As an outdoors adventurer, freelance author, cultural scientist, born millenial and digital narrative native, I love to explore the realms of digital possibilities.

I believe in good content, strategically placed, with the right angle, on the right channel for the right audience. I believe in good ideas, continuous change and mermaids.

When I’m not writing, travelling or doing things for the ‘gram, I’m coming up with strategies and creative concepts for the social media & online platforms of brands and publishers.

You can book me for all of the above.

How to work with me:

I am usually either in Tampa, Florida, or Berlin, Germany and work remotely for clients in Germany and the United States. For strategy or concept development as well as copywriting, remote support works perfectly for my clients. I’m available from 3pm German time and can work overnight to help out with pitches and pressing projects. We will keep in contact over E-Mail, Skype, Slack, Zoom, WhatsApp and any other messaging and collaborative platform.

I am location independent and can work wherever you need me to be.

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Header image by Arad Pouzesh on Unsplash